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Reviewing with Your Clients and Exporting the Final Video

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At some point your clients are going to want to see what you’ve been working on for them, maybe even before you’re finished with the project. You don’t need to export video to show the client a full-screen presentation; you can do it from ­Premiere Pro itself.

Reviewing a project using Cinema mode

Cinema mode can help you and your clients review a project while you’re still working on it in Premiere Pro. In Cinema mode you can present full-screen playback of a clip or a sequence.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • To present the active clip in the Source Monitor, click it.
    • To present the active sequence in the Program Monitor, click it.
  2. Press Ctrl-‘ (the tilde key) in Windows or Control-` in Mac OS. The monitor you clicked expands into full-screen mode.
  3. If you want, you can use the keyboard shortcuts for navigating the timeline, such as pressing Home or End to go to the start or end, respectively, or pressing the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key to go to the previous or next edit, respectively.
  4. Press the spacebar to start or pause playback.
  5. To exit Cinema mode, press Ctrl-’ (Windows) or Control-’ (Mac OS) or the Esc key.

Exporting the final video

Before you export final video, remember to play it back all the way through and make sure there are no more adjustments or corrections to be made. You may want to play it back several times to focus on different aspects of the production. For example, you might spend one pass just watching the timing of edits and another pass just listening to the audio. Pause playback whenever you notice something that needs attention, and add it to a checklist. Rendering final video can take a long time, so it’s more efficient to take care of problems before you export.

After you choose File > Export Media, double-check specifications such as the source range, the format, the preset, the output name, and the folder location.

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