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Challenge: Create Your Own Dialogue Scene

Now that you’ve built a dialogue scene by using the media provided and completing these exercises, create your own dialogue scene. You can try a variation on the
theme of this chapter’s project of orienting new high school students. Provide directions to important rooms or buildings such as a cafeteria or gym, show the ­students what to do in an emergency, or explain how to use the library.

As you plan your documentary, remember Joe Dockery’s Keys to Success (from the video):

  • Keep it short.
  • Plan. Write a good script and storyboard. You can use the storyboard_template6panel.pdf file in the Pre-Production folder for this chapter, which contains a grid of six blank storyboard panels.
  • Shoot good-quality video and record good-quality audio. For video, light subjects in a flattering way. For audio, keep the microphone close to the person speaking and monitor the audio using headphones. Good monitoring helps you catch problems while you can fix them, since you don’t want to have to do an interview twice.
  • Get complete coverage. Shoot the entire scene from multiple angles.
  • Share your work and continue to build your portfolio.
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