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Drawing with the Brush Tool

The Brush is my favorite sketching tool in Adobe Illustrator Draw. Drawing from my imagination, I used the Brush tool to create the freehand sketch of plumerias shown in Figure 1 at the beginning of this article. The Brush tool allows you to draw with expressive thick-to-thin lines. If you have Apply Smoothing While Drawing chosen in Preferences, Adobe Illustrator Draw applies smoothing to the vector strokes as you draw.

For this line drawing, I used the Brush tool and black color. Choose the Brush tool in the toolbar and then tap the circular Color icon to open the Color panel. Choose black for the color. You can slide the Lightness slider all the way to the left to make black. Practice drawing graceful curves with the Brush tool.

You can adjust the width of the brush by tapping the Size icon in the toolbar, and dragging up to increase the size and down to decrease the size, as shown in Figure 9. While making this drawing, I sized the Brush to 15–20 pixels.

Figure 9 Using the Brush to draw the first flower.

If you're using your finger or a passive stylus, the width of the strokes will change with velocity as you draw. If you're using Adobe Ink, the width of the strokes will change with velocity and the pressure that you apply to the pen.

You can see the completed Adobe Illustrator Draw black-and-white sketch of the plumerias in Figure 10.

Figure 10 The brush drawing of the three plumeria flowers.

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