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Adding a New Layer and a Spot of Color

Next, I set off the black-and-white sketch with a patch of color on a layer behind the flowers. To add a new layer, click the Layers icon (in the top toolbar). When the Layers panel appears, press the plus (+) icon to add a new layer. To arrange the layer hierarchy, click and hold on the new layer, and drag it below the original Draw layer with your black-and-white artwork. Figure 11 shows the Layers panel open, with the new Draw layer in position under the black-and-white brush drawing.

Figure 11 The new Draw layer is selected and ready to accept color.

To add color to my image, I used the wide-tipped marker and a rose color to paint a smooth rounded shape behind and along the edge of the flowers. Using the marker, paint the colored area that you desire. The eraser tool can be used to touch up edges, if needed. Figure 12 shows the rose color on the drawing under the brush drawing. The Layers panel is open.

Figure 12 The patch of rose color is painted on the layer.

To finish the color, I used the Brush tool to paint touches of golden yellow on the center of the flowers, as shown in Figure 13.

Figure 13 Press the share icon to open the menu of export choices.

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