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Like this article? We recommend Exporting a Vector Sketch from Adobe Illustrator Draw

Exporting a Vector Sketch from Adobe Illustrator Draw

When you're pleased with your finished sketch, you can export the sketch to Adobe Illustrator CC for finishing on your desktop computer if you have Illustrator 2014.1.1 (18.1.0) or later. Click the Share icon on the top menu to open its panel, displaying several choices. To export your vector sketch to Adobe Illustrator CC, tap on AI (Send to Illustrator), as shown earlier in Figure 13. Your file will automatically open in Illustrator CC. To view the vector paths, as I did in Figure 14, choose the Selection tool in the Toolbox and click on a path to select it. Now you're ready to complete your illustration in Illustrator CC. Have fun!

Figure 14 The sketch open in Adobe Illustrator CC, showing a selected path.

Good work! You have completed this project with Adobe Illustrator Draw.

For more creative projects for sketching and painting on your iPad and desktop, check out my book The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book: Creative Techniques in Digital Painting Using Wacom and the iPad, Second Edition.

What else can you explore? For a drawing project from the Artist Tablet Book that features Photoshop and its erodible brushes, check out "Drawing Rounded Forms Using Wacom and the iPad." Additionally, "Creative Techniques in Digital Painting Using Wacom and the iPad: Enhancing the Focal Point" features a creative painting composition using the Wacom tablet and Painter.

Stay tuned for future articles on topics including oil painting, art with the exiting Particles brushes, and sketching on the iPad.

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