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Applying Paragraph Tags to Text

Paragraph tags change the appearance of an entire paragraph, not just one character or word. FrameMaker provides you with a few good methods to apply paragraph tags to paragraph text.

Before you can apply a paragraph tag to text, first click anywhere in a paragraph. You do not have to select an entire paragraph.

To apply a paragraph tag to two consecutive paragraphs, select the end of the first paragraph and the beginning of the second paragraph.

Next, choose which method works best for you:

  • Paragraph Catalog—Click the Paragraph Catalog button to display the catalog list. Next, click the paragraph tag name you want to apply to the selected paragraph text.

  • Paragraph Format Pop-Up Menu—Select a paragraph tag from the Paragraph Format pop-up menu located on the Formatting bar.

  • Format Menu—Select Format, Paragraphs to view a list of paragraph tag names to select from.

  • Keyboard Commands—If you prefer the keyboard to the mouse, you'll appreciate this method. Just press Control+9 on your keyboard to highlight the Tag area of the status bar. Press arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through the available paragraph tag names, or if you know the tag name you want to use, press its letter on the keyboard. Press the Enter key to apply the tag to selected paragraph text.

  • Copy Special/Paste—Click anywhere in a paragraph whose format you want to copy, and select Edit, Copy Special, Paragraph Format. Click in a paragraph that you want to apply the format to, and select Edit, Paste. This works great when you want to copy just one paragraph tag from one document to another.

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