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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book



Q: I do not want my name to appear on the e-mails I send, only my e-mail address. Can you explain the procedure for making sure my e-mail address is the only personal information on my e-mails?

A: The exact steps for doing this depend on which e-mail program you use. In general, you need to clear the name field in the e-mail account options.

If you use Microsoft's Outlook, select Accounts from the Tools menu and double-click the e-mail account you want to change. Click the General tab. In the User Information area, enter your e-mail address in the Name field. (Outlook requires something in that field.)

In Outlook Express, select Accounts from the Tools menu and do the same thing. Outlook Express allows a blank Name field, however, so you can just clear it.

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