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Moving from Movie Clip to Smart Clip

With the custom UI all ready to go, it's time to turn the regular movie clip symbol Calendar Control into a Smart Clip. The method for doing this is a snap:

  1. Return to your MegansDiary file, open the Library, and select the Calendar Control symbol.

  2. Click the Options menu and select Define Clip Parameters (see Figure 11).

    Figure 11 Use the Define Clip Parameters dialog box to add parameter names to the Calendar Control symbol.

  3. In the Define Clip Parameters dialog box, add these three parameter names: SendDateTo, ShowYear, and ShowMonth.

    Parameters can be objects, lists, and arrays, but in this case the default plain text is just what you're after, so you can leave the Value and Type settings for each exactly as they are.

  4. In the Link To box below the Parameters list, type CalendarUI.swf to specify the custom UI file that you want associated with this Smart Clip (see Figure 12).

    Figure 12 Specify the CalendarUI.swf file as the custom user interface.

  5. Click OK to commit the changes.

    The Library icon next to Calendar Control should change from the standard movie clip graphic to the slightly different Smart Clip graphic. That's all there is to it!

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