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Changing the Language for the Days of the Week

Because the Clock/Date (ID) and Last Modified (ID) actions enable you to display different date formats, they are well suited to different international uses. For even more flexibility in displaying the days of the week, you can also change them from the default language of English to any other language you want. To do this, you need to make a few modifications to the script files associated with these actions.

To change the days of the week to another language:

  1. First locate the file named clockdate_ID.scpt and duplicate it so that you'll have a backup of the original file. The file is located in GoLive Application, Modules, Jscripts, Actions, Others.

  2. NOTE

    You can perform these same modifications on the Last Modified (ID) action as well. Use the file named lastmodified_ID.scpt, which is located in GoLive Application, Modules, Jscripts, Actions, Message, and follow the same directions.

  3. Move the duplicated script outside the Actions folder and place it somewhere else on your drive for safekeeping. (You should always keep a backup of the original action script somewhere outside the Actions folder so you can revert to it if needed.)

  4. Open the original clockdate_ID.scpt file in GoLive and locate the line of code that reads as follows:

    days = new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday",
  5. Change the days to whatever language you want to use, starting with Sunday. Remember to change just the text between the quotation marks, as in this example:

    days = new Array("Domingo","Lunes","Martes","Miercoles","Jueves",
  6. Save the script file.

    After you've saved the script changes, you're ready to apply the action, and the days of the week now display in the language of your choice. To go back to English just change them back again and resave the script.

    Figure 13 Changing your timestamp's language and date format.

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