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You Can Do It

A surprising number of people I've met seem to have the impression that the Praystation web site is the product of a team of people. There is no team. It's just me—just one guy. It is true that on commercial projects, teams need to be assembled. But for personal, experimental work, you don't need a team. Anybody reading this book now or anyone viewing the Praystation web site, can learn to do what I do.

All it really takes is passion and determination. Another designer I identify with, cartoonist Joe Shields (, used to work in a corporate studio. At the end of the day, he and his coworkers would go home. They would perhaps watch TV or just go to sleep and the next day would come in again. But Joe would get off work, go home, and spend four to six hours on his home computer doing the same exact thing he did during the day—but on work he did for himself. And his passion and determination did not pass unnoticed.

It's a lot of work—for all of us. I didn't just wake up one day and become an artist. When I was an art student at Pratt, there were the times I was nearly evicted, living on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Top Ramen noodles. I've crashed and burned but stuck with it.

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