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Editing RAW Photos from Your DSLR

To edit RAW photos from your DSLR or mirrorless camera, you’ll need to import the images directly from your memory card into Lightroom Mobile. (Note: Currently, this feature is only available for Apple iOS devices and, at this point in time, Apple devices don’t recognize RAW files natively [though they have said publicly that this feature is coming soon], so you can’t just email yourself a RAW file or access it through Dropbox or another cloud service—you have to connect your memory card to your iPhone or iPad [using Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit, their Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, or by attaching your camera with the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter] to get them onto your mobile device first, then you can get them into Lightroom Mobile from there.) Here’s how: Once you’ve connected the memory card from your camera, your iPhone or iPad’s Import tab will appear (as seen here), where you can choose which RAW images you want saved to your Camera Roll (RAW images are much larger in file size than JPEGs, so I wouldn’t pick 200 images to import, or it’ll eat up the space on your mobile device like nobody’s business. So, I recommend just choosing your very best shots [your hero shots], unless you’ve got a ton of free space on your iPhone or iPad). Once you’ve done that, you can import those RAW images into Lightroom Mobile directly by tapping on Camera Roll at the bottom of the screen in the Collections view and choosing them for import by swiping over them to the right (RAW images have the word “Raw” appear on them).

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