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Adjusting Presets

Here, I tapped on the Color tile and chose Cool as my preset, but when I looked at the result, I wanted it a little brighter. Luckily, again, you can edit things like exposure and shadows after applying a preset, so tap on the Edit icon to return to the adjustment tiles. Here, I tapped on Shadows to bring up the slider, and I tapped-and-dragged over to +51 to really open up those shadow areas. Keep in mind that if you chose the Split Tone preset, you could also change the balance or intensity or hue of the colors in the split-tone color effect (choose Split Toning in the Adjust pop-up menu, at the right end of the adjustment tiles), as well as tweak individual areas of your image if you chose a B&W preset or adjust a Vignette preset setting (also by choosing these adjustments in the Adjust pop-up menu).

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