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Applying More Than One Preset

In some cases, you can “stack” presets—having one add its effect on top of another—and a great place to see this in action is when you use the Effect presets, which add things like vignette looks (darkening the outside edges of your image) or noise (grain) or a blur vignette. The reason these add on is that they don’t use the Split Toning panel or the HSL panel or any other options that might get changed by applying another preset. For example, if you apply a B&W preset, then apply a Color preset, the color overrides the black and white and changes the image back to color. But, adding noise (grain) or a vignette adds on to the look you applied with the first preset. Here, I started by applying the B&W preset, Film 2. Then, in the overlay shown here, I tapped on the Effect presets and added Grain (Heavy) to enhance the grainy film look.

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