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Copying-and-Pasting Settings from One Image to Another

We do this all the time in Lightroom on our computers (well, even if you don’t, you at least you know you can), and now that same feature is in Lightroom on your mobile device. Here’s how it works: In Loupe view, tap-and-hold on the photo that has the settings you want to copy. When the pop-up menu appears, tap on Copy Settings. This brings up the menu you see here in the overlay on the left and, by default, it’s going to copy all the settings from this image. But, if there are certain settings you don’t want copied, tap on them to deselect them, so it only copies the ones you want. Tap OK, then swipe over to any image you want to have these copied settings applied to, tap-and-hold on the that image, and when the pop-up menu appears, choose Paste Settings (as seen in the overlay on the right), and you’re done.

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