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Making Collections of Adjustments Not in Lightroom Mobile

Now that you know you can copy-and-paste settings that were applied to an image in Lightroom on your desktop (but that aren’t yet in Lightroom Mobile), why not create a collection of images with edits applied in Lightroom on your computer to sync with Lightroom on your mobile device? Stuff like sharpening, for example. It’s not in Lightroom Mobile, but you can use this copy-and-paste trick to sharpen images there. Start in Lightroom on your desktop. Choose an image, apply some sharpening and remember the amount (let’s say you applied an amount of +50). Put that image in a collection named “Sharpening” and rename the photo “+50 Sharpen.” Choose another image, apply a sharpening amount of +75, and repeat that process. Do an amount of +25, and then do an amount of +100. Now, you can sync this Sharpening collection to Lightroom Mobile and copy-and-paste the sharpening from these photos onto any other photos in Lightroom Mobile. Sweet!

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