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Using the Tone Curve: Parametric Curve

To make adjustments using the Parametric curve, tap on the Mode tile, and then tap on Parametric in the pop-up menu that appears. This changes your curve to the Parametric version, and now the tiles along the bottom of the screen become active (you can still adjust this curve by tapping-and-dragging on the curve itself, but it doesn’t add points to it). The idea here is to adjust the curve using the tiles and each tile represents part of the curve: dragging a slider to the right increases the steepness of that tonal area; dragging to the left flattens out the tone and the curve in that area. For example, if you tap on the Highlights tile, and drag the slider to the right (as seen here), it raises the top part of the curve, which affects the very brightest parts of the image. The Lights slider affects the 1/4 tones, which is the next brightest area of tones. The Darks slider controls the midtone shadow areas of the curve (the 3/4 tones), and the Shadows slider controls the darkest shadow parts of the image. Note: If you used the Point curve first and made adjustments there, any adjustments made here with the Parametric curve are added on top of your Point curve adjustments, so they’re additive—it’s not one or the other. It treats the adjustments from both curves as separate adjustments.

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