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Making a Collection for Third-Party Presets

Okay, let’s take the copy-and-paste idea we just looked at on the previous page a step further. Instead of just copying-and-pasting individual adjustments, like sharpening or camera calibration settings, why not do something that everybody has been dying to do—use third-party downloadable Lightroom presets in Lightroom Mobile. Of course, you can’t normally do that, right? Right. But, by using this copy-and-paste scenario, you can. Here’s what you do: Start in Lightroom on your desktop and open an image with no edits applied to it yet. Apply a third-party preset (maybe one you downloaded from the web or one that comes with my The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Book for Digital Photographers) to that untouched image, and then rename that image with the name of the preset (click on the photo in Grid view, go under the Library menu up top, and choose Rename Photo). Repeat that for as many third-party presets as you want to use in Lightroom Mobile, and then put all those images in a collection named “Third-Party Presets.” Sync that collection over to Lightroom Mobile, and now you can just copy all the settings from one of these Third-Party Preset images and paste them onto any other image in Lightroom Mobile (as I did here, where I applied an ultragritty effect preset). There ya have it—you just did the undoable.:) (Note: Keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to make many adjustments to these presets. Just so you know.)

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