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Adding Edge Darkening (Vignetting)

This is the same edge-darkening effect that appears in Lightroom on your desktop’s Effects panel (as opposed to the more limited version in the desktop’s Lens Corrections panel), so while you can use it to brighten the corners to remove lens vignetting, you’re probably coming to this feature to add edge darkening. Tap on an image to open it in Loupe view, and then tap on the Edit icon in the Action options at the bottom of the screen. When the adjustment tiles appear, tap on the shutter icon on the far left of the tiles and, from the Adjust pop-up menu, tap on Vignetting. Near the right side of the Vignetting adjustment tiles, tap on the Style tile and a pop-up menu will appear with three different styles. I highly recommend only using the Highlight Priority style (as seen here), as the other two are pretty lame (and that’s being kind). Now, to add an edge-darkening effect, tap on the Amount tile, and then drag the slider to the left to darken the edges. Tap on the Midpoint tile and drag its slider to the right to move the effect closer to the corners, or to the left to have the effect extend farther into the image (I only drag to the right if I’m trying to eliminate vignetting in the corners). The Feather tile controls the amount of softness of the edge of the vignette—dragging to the left makes it softer; dragging to the right makes it harder. And, the Roundness tile does just what you’d think it does—dragging to the right makes it rounder and softer; dragging to the left makes it harder and more defined, until it looks like a rounded rectangle.

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