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Adjusting Individual Colors in Your Image

If you want to increase one (or even two or three) particular range of color (for example, I often want to add more blues to a sky), in the adjustment tiles at the bottom of the screen, tap on the shutter icon on the far left and, from the Adjust pop-up menu that appears, choose Color/B&W (this is the HSL/Color/B&W panel in Lightroom on your desktop). This brings up a series of color dots over your image that you can drag to adjust the individual colors in the image. So, if you want to change the blues in your image, before you start dragging the blue dot, you need to tell Lightroom Mobile what you want that blue dot to do. If you tap on the Hue tile, and then drag the blue dot, it’s going to change the blues in your image to a different color. If you tap on the Saturation tile, it’s going to change the amount of blue in the blue areas. And, if you tap on the Luminance tile, dragging that dot now changes the brightness of the blues. So, it’s important you tap on the tile for which one of those you want to adjust first, before you start dragging the dot. In my example, to make the blues in the sky darker and richer, I tapped on the Luminance tile, then dragged the blue dot to the left (it works wonders), then I tapped on the Saturation tile and dragged the blue dot to the right. But, like anything in Lightroom, if you drag it too far to the left, it can start to posterize (you start seeing harsh transitions between colors), so don’t go crazy with it.

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