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4.19 Revolved Forms

Revolution creates 3D forms from basic shapes by revolving a 2D profile around an axis to create a closed solid object. To create a revolved solid, create the 2D shape to be revolved, specify an axis about which to revolve it, then indicate the number of degrees of revolution. Figure 4.72 shows some shapes created by revolution.


4.72 Revolved Shapes. Each of the solids shown here was created by revolving a 2D shape around an axis.

Often, a 2D sketch is used to create 3D CAD models. Look at the examples shown in Figure 4.73 and match them to the 2D profile used to create the part. For each part, decide whether extrusion, revolution, or sweeping was used to create it.


4.73 What operation would you choose to transform the profiles shown in (a) into the models in (b)?

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