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4-7 Aligned Section Views

Figure 4-53 shows an example of an aligned section view. Aligned section views are most often used on circular objects and use an angled cutting plane line to include more features in the section view. Note in Figure 4-48 how section view A-A was created by rotating the cutting plane into a vertical position before projecting the section view.

Figure 4-53 shows an aligned section view created using SolidWorks. The aligned section view was created as follows.

  • squ-1.jpg Start a new drawing using the Drawing format and open the model for the aligned section view.

    The model was drawn using the given dimensions given in Figure 4-53.

  • squ-2.jpg Access the Section View tool.

    The Aligned Section View tool is a flyout from the Section View tool.

    See Figure 4-54.

  • squ-3.jpg Click the object’s centerpoint.

  • squ-4.jpg Click the centerpoint of two Ø10 holes as shown.

  • squ-5.jpg Click the green OK check mark.

  • squ-6.jpg Move the cursor away from the object.

    The aligned section will appear as the cursor is moved.

  • squ-7.jpg Add centerlines; click the green OK checkmark.

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