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4-8 Broken Views

It is often convenient to break long continuous shapes so that they take up less drawing space. Figure 4-55 shows a long L-bracket that has a continuous shape; that is, its shape is constant throughout its length.

To Create a Broken View

  • squ-1.jpg Draw a model of the long L-bracket using the dimensions shown in Figure 4-55. Save the model.

  • squ-2.jpg Start a new drawing using the Drawing format and click on the long L-bracket.

  • squ-3.jpg Click the View Layout tab, and click the Break tool.

    See Figure 4-56.

  • squ-4.jpg Set the Gap size for 0.25in and select the Zig Zag Cut style.

  • squ-5.jpg Move the cursor onto the long L-bracket and click a location for the first break line.

  • squ-6.jpg Click a location for the second break line.

    The area between the break lines will be removed.

  • squ-7.jpg Click the green OK check mark.

If the break is not satisfactory, undo the break and insert a new one.

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