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Like this article? We recommend

Summary of Steps

To get this solution working with your site, access the source files from the zipped file associated with this article. You will use the source files available from that page as the basis of this project. You will also use WebCam32 or some other method to move JPEG snapshots to your web server, and you will have a webcam integrated into your site in Flash in no time. Here are the basic steps outlined for you at a very high level.

  1. Configure your webcam and the appropriate drivers.

  2. Use WebCam32 or similar software solution to FTP snapshots to your web server at regular intervals. See the two sample figures (in the zipped source files) for examples of WebCam32 Preferences and the FTP settings. (Full documentation on using WebCam32 is available from their homepage.)

  3. Modify the included source to point the loadMovie command to your server and image file path.

  4. View the page. You are all set!

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