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View Menu

Need to open a palette? All the palettes are listed in the View menu, along with controls for how to display your document.

Figure 3.27 View Menu

Fit in Window

Menu: ViewíFit in Window

Mac: Cmd+Zero

Windows: Ctrl+Zero

QuarkXPress always figures out the proper view percentage to fit the current page in the window.

Fit Pasteboard in Window

Mac: Cmd+Option+Zero

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+Zero

Note that there's no command to fit a page spread in the document window, such as a left- and right-hand page together, so this is as close as it gets.

Actual Size

Menu: ViewíActual Size

Mac: Cmd+1

Windows: Ctrl+1

While QuarkXPress for Windows lets you specify what your screen resolution is, there is unfortunately no way to do this on the Macintosh. That means that Actual Size rarely actually gives you actual, real life size where one inch on screen equals one inch in your final output.


Menu: ViewíThumbnails

Both: Shift+F6

Thumbnails mode is primarily useful when dragging whole pages around within a document, or from one document to another.

Show/Hide Guides

Menu: ViewíShow/Hide Guides

Both: F7

I use this one about a million times each day.

Snap to Guides

Menu: ViewíSnap to Guides

Both: Shift+F7

If you want to drag something close to a guide but not have it snap to that guide, use this to turn off the snapping action.

Show/Hide Baseline Grid

Menu: ViewíShow/Hide Baseline Grid

Mac: Option+F7

Windows: Ctrl+F7

You can set up your document's baseline grid in the Preferences dialog box. Usually, the grid is based on the leading of your body text.

Show/Hide Rulers

Menu: ViewíShow/Hide Rulers

Mac: Cmd+R

Windows: Ctrl+R

Show/Hide Invisibles

Menu: ViewíShow/Hide Invisibles

Mac: Cmd+I

Windows: Ctrl+I

Invisibles means invisible text characters, such as tabs, spaces, returns, soft returns, and so on. I like working with Invisibles turned on much of the time, but it's annoying to many people.

Tile Documents As Thumbnails

Mac: Option+Tile

Windows: Alt+Tile

When you hold down Option/Alt and then select Tile from the Windows menu (on the Macintosh, the Window submenu is under the View menu), XPress automatically changes all the documents to Thumbnails view at the same time. This is great when you need to drag one or more pages from one document to another.

Note that this also works with the Stack Documents feature, although I can't think of why you'd want to use that.

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