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Review and Pursue

If you have any problems with the review questions or the pursue prompts, turn to the book’s supporting forum (


  • What version of MySQL are you using? If you don’t know, find out now!

  • What characters can be used in database, table, and column names?

  • Should you treat database, table, and column names as case-sensitive or case-insensitive?

  • What are the three general column types?

  • What are the differences between CHAR and VARCHAR?

  • How do you determine what size (in terms of subtype or length) a column should be?

  • What are some of the other properties that can be assigned to columns?

  • What is a primary key?

  • If you’re using the command-line mysql client to connect to MySQL, what username and password combination is required?


  • Find the online MySQL manual for your version of MySQL. Bookmark it!

  • Start thinking about what databases you may need for your projects.

  • If you haven’t yet changed the MySQL root user password (assuming you’ve installed MySQL on your own computer), use the instructions in Appendix A to do so now.

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