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Site Window

After you create a local site, the Site window displays. This interface enables you to manage all site files. You can move, rename, delete, copy, paste, and open files within this interface. Local site files and folders are displayed on the right side of this window.

You can also specify a remote site. A remote site is the intended production server and file path used for a working Web site. If you have created a remote site, the remote files are shown on the left pane of this window.


You can alter the appearance and settings for the local site using the Dreamweaver Preferences dialog box and choosing the Site category. Choose Edit, Preferences to open the dialog. Site settings that you can alter are shown in Table 3.2:

Table 3.2 Attributes of a Remote Site



Always Show [Local/Remote] on the [Left/Right]

This setting enables you to reverse the left-to-right order of the local and remote panes on the Site window.

Dependent Files

This setting enables the display of a prompt for transferring dependent files (such as images) that the browser loads when it loads the HTML file.

FTP Settings

These settings determine whether the connection to the remote site is terminated after the specified numbers of minutes have passed with no activity. If there is no response after the specified amount of time, Dreamweaver displays a warning dialog box alerting the user.

Firewall Settings

These settings enable you to set the address of the proxy server and the port, if it is other than the standard 21.

Put Options: Save Files Before Putting

This option indicates that unsaved files are saved automatically before being put onto the remote site.

Define Sites

This button brings up the Define Sites dialog box, in which you can edit an existing site or create a new one.

Refer to Chapter 20, "Team Collaboration," for more information on file check in/out.

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