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Workflow Step Four: Getting Client Feedback

If you’re working for a client, or for a magazine or blog, or for a company’s social media team, you might want to share some of the final images for feedback or advice on which image they want to use. Here’s how I would create a quick online gallery, where they can mark which images are their favorites and even send direct feedback that you can view right within Lightroom.

Step One:

Once your images look okay, now it’s time to share this Selects collection with your clients (if you’re not doing client work, you can do this to share a collection with friends or family). In the Library module, make sure you have Sync with Lightroom CC turned on (click on the Lightroom nameplate in the upper-left corner to check; we looked at doing this in Chapter 14), then go to your Selects collection set in the Collections panel, and click the little sync checkbox to its left (it’s circled here in red). By the way, if you want to change the name of this collection before your client sees it, Right-click on the collection’s name and choose Rename (I renamed it “Dolomites Selects,” as seen in the next step, only because I’m sharing this with a client).

Step Two:

Now that you’ve synced this collection, you can view it on the web (from any web browser), by going under the Library module’s Help menu and choosing View Your Synced Collections on the Web. That will bring you to a private webpage created for you at, where you can sign-in with your Adobe username and password to see a list of your synced collections. When you see Dolomites Selects, click on it to see your Selects collection on the web. At this point, only you can see these images, so to share them, click on the Share button near the top center (as shown here).

Step Three:

This brings up a Share Options dialog, asking you how you want to share these images. Choose Share This Album, and in the next dialog, click the Share This Album button (yeah, it asks you the same thing twice). You’ll then see the Album Settings dialog you see here, and that web address you see highlighted is the address where people can see your Selects collection. Click on the little clipboard button to the right to copy that address into memory, so you can easily paste it into a text message or email to your client (or friends). There are a few more options here, but if you want to learn more, head back to Chapter 14.

Step Four:

When your client clicks that link, it’ll launch their web browser, where they’ll see your Dolomites Selects collection (and only that collection), and if they click on any of the thumbnails, they can see an image larger (as seen here). But, that’s pretty much all they can do—view your images. If you want them to give you feedback (mark images or send you comments), they’ll need to have an Adobe username and password (it’s free). I usually either just create one for them or give them a “house account” I created for my clients to use. When they click on the little heart icon (to “like” an image) or the comment icon, both in the bottom left, the Activity panel will slide out from the right (seen here), and it will prompt them to log in to “like” an image or add a comment. If they do like a photo, or add a comment, you’ll see a little yellow comment icon appear with your Selects collection in Lightroom on your computer. To see the comment(s), scroll down to the Library module’s Comments panel in the right side Panels area (seen here), where you can then comment back and forth, just like a text message. Now I can see which image they want to go with, and the one I’ll be using to make a large-sized print for them.

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