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This chapter is from the book

Other Ways You Can Continue Learning With Me

If this way of learning Lightroom resonated with you, and now you want to learn more about Lightroom (or Photoshop), or even just how to take better photos, I’ve got you totally covered! Here’s a little bit about another book that I’ve written, using the same style and feel that I’ve written this book in, as well as some other cool resources. Hope you find these helpful.

Photoshop for Lightroom Users

As you saw a couple times here in the book, there are things that Lightroom still can’t do and times when you’ll need to jump over to Photoshop, so I created a book for Lightroom users to teach just those things photographers need to do over in Photoshop, without duplicating things we can already do in Lightroom. So, you’re not going to learn all of Photoshop, just the stuff for photographers that you can’t do here in Lightroom.

My Site:

It’s the #1 Lightroom blog on the planet, and it’s where I post Lightroom tips, tutorials, and techniques most weekdays, along with Lightroom expert Rob Sylvan. We answer a lot of questions, do fun giveaways and contests, have free preset downloads, and it’s just a really great community of Lightroom users. Go to and bookmark it (or follow the RSS feed, if you like). There’s nothing to sign up for or register—just come and hang out. You’ll dig it.

Our Full-Length Online Training Classes on Lightroom

My full-time job is CEO at, where we teach tens of thousands of photographers all over the world how to become absolute sharks in Lightroom. We’ve got more than 50 full-length, in- depth online courses on Lightroom from the best-known Lightroom instructors in the world, including Matt Kloskowski, Serge Ramelli, Terry White, Lightroom Mobile Product Manager Josh Haftel, and yours truly (among others). Besides Lightroom, we’ve got literally hundreds of courses on everything from lighting to Photoshop, from posing to landscape photography, and everything in between, from instructors you know and trust. It’s super-affordable (starting at just $10 a month), and you can be a monthly member or an annual KelbyOne Pro plan member, but either way, you’ll be amazed at how fast you get really, really good! The full scoop is at

Come Learn from Me Live

I’m out on the road doing live full-day Lightroom seminars all over the US, Canada, and in the UK, so if you get a chance, I hope you’ll come out and spend the day with me. You can find my current seminar tour schedule (upcoming cities and dates) at, and I hope to meet you in person at one of my seminars this year!

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