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Because most new information is born digital, designing information for the digital environment is a necessary new skill. Although information is now omnidirectional, flowing in all directions at once, we are not designing our information that way. To date, we have used the alphabetic matrix to manage this information deluge. However, given the way digital information behaves—it is essentially information in motion—we need improved tools to help us order information by islands of meaning. This approach allows us to better manage and understand information in the digital environment. While a single article cannot present all possible management approaches and tools, this article introduces one way of reconfiguring information formatting to allow the page to think like a network.

Upcoming articles will introduce the importance of topsight in information management, address the new rules of form for digital information, introduce a new information-management tool called the Information Balcony, and show an orbital way of configuring and mapping information.

Figures provided by Eric Feldberg, a graphic designer and animator in Orlando, Florida. Eric has more than 15 of years experience in visualization for the commercial and scientific fields. In addition to design training, he has a degree in cinema. His illustration, graphic design, and animation clients include Compaq, Kaiser Healthcare, and TransAmerica, as well as Disney, PBS, and Discovery networks.
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