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Demo Site Showing Enhanced Information Utility

Existing site:

Figure 10Figure 10 A typical copy-blocked Web site. It uses subhead-and-list information management.

Enhanced Information Utility:

Figure 11Figure 11 The Information Balcony gives you both information and information management at a glance.

While this demo site comparison is deliberately simplistic in order to easily contrast the two designs, the Information Balcony does certain things that don't happen on the typical home page (see Figure 10): These basically recapitulate the steps outlined above.

  1. With the Balcony, you can see both the information and the management of the information at a glance (see Figure 11).

  2. The Balcony allows you to look at information from various centers of perception: first from Semiconductor Products, then from Communications Solutions, etc.

  3. By moving around the Balcony, you see intuitively that information is in motion.

  4. Once you see the same information from a different perceptive center, you see things differently; the information may reconfigure as you change your POV.

  5. All of the above demonstrate how the map changes the territory.

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