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Gallery: Stephen Klema’s Students: Jillian Winkel, Stephanie Pernal, Amber Loukoumis, Jeffrey Martin, Nicole Dzienis, Tamara Morrison


As a class assignment, Professor Stephen Klema challenged his students to create expressive graphic illustrations of organic forms. The students of Tunxis Community College used a variety of default brushes from the brushes panel. They included both calligraphic and art brushes. Before drawing, the students double-clicked the Paintbrush tool and adjusted the Paintbrush tool preferences. They dragged the Fidelity and Smoothness sliders to the desired positions (there’s only the one Fidelity slider in CC). The Fidelity slider moved all the way to the left (Accurate) is the preferred setting for the most accurate brushstrokes, while moved toward the right yields smoother strokes. So the students would be able to draw multiple brushstrokes near each other without redrawing the previous path, they disabled the Fill New Brush Strokes and Keep Selected options. Using a pressure-sensitive tablet, the students drew varying widths and angles of brushstrokes, many either on top of or close to one another, for a spontaneous, expressive look. Extra points within the brushstrokes were deleted using the Smooth tool or the Delete Anchor Point tool.

Gallery: Stephen Klema’s Students: Cinthia A. Burnett, James Cassidy, Kenneth Albert, Jamal Wynn, Suzanne Drapeau, Mahalia Johnson



Using the same techniques described on the previous page, additional student creations are shown above. In some of these illustrations, artists applied art and calligraphic brushes to paths drawn with the Pencil or Pen tools by selecting the path and then choosing a brush from the Brushes panel. You can find many additional brushes in the Brushes library. To access more art brushes, click the Brush Libraries Menu icon found in the lower-left corner of the Brushes panel. Choose Open Brush Library> Artistic and then select the brushes you want to add to the Brushes panel. Find more artwork from Professor Klema’s students on his website at

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