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1-6 Rectangle

To Sketch a Rectangle

See Figure 1-18. The example was created on the Top Plane using the Rectangle tool. The units are inches.

  1. 1.jpg Start a New Part drawing, click the Top Plane option, and click the Sketch tool.

See Figure 1-18. The outline rectangle for the Top Plane will rotate to the Normal orientation, that is, you are looking at the plane from a 90° orientation. This means that any shape drawn on the plane will be a true shaped line. This concept will be covered in Chapter 4 on orthographic views.

  1. 2.jpg Click the Corner Rectangle tool.

Five options for drawing a rectangle are listed. The different options are helpful when creating designs. It is recommended you take a few minutes and try each option. Only Corner Rectangle will be used in this chapter.

  1. 3.jpg Click the origin and move the cursor up and to the right.

  2. 4.jpg Click the mouse to define the line’s endpoint.

  3. 5.jpg Press the <Esc> key or right-click the mouse and click the Select option.

Note that two relationships are defined: coincident and horizontal. The starting point was located on the origin, so they are coincidental and the rectangle is drawn. Note also that the rectangle is not fully defined because its size has not been defined.

Releasing the mouse button will define the length of the sketched line, but you are still in the Sketch mode. If you click the mouse again, a new rectangle will begin.

  1. 6.jpg Use the Smart Dimension tool to define the size of the rectangle.

To Exit the Sketch Mode

  1. 1.jpg Click the Exit Sketch icon on the Sketch panel or click the Exit Sketch icon that appears in the upper right corner of the drawing screen.

See Figure 1-19.

To Reenter the Sketch Mode

Once you have created a sketch and left the Sketch mode, you can return to work on the sketch by using the Edit Sketch mode. See Figure 1-20.

  1. 1.jpg Click an entity in the existing sketch.

  2. 2.jpg Click the Edit Sketch tool.

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