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Modifying Drawing Objects

So far, we’ve looked at modifying object properties through the Quick Properties palette. One of the most powerful benefits of CAD systems is their unique ability to make changes to your drawing. This section introduces you to some of the basic tools used to modify your drawing.

Selection Sets

As with the drawing tools, AutoCAD has a general process for modifying objects:

01.jpg Select an editing tool.

02.jpg Specify which object(s) you want to modify.

03.jpg Read the prompt.

04.jpg Specify points and answer prompts.

05.jpg Press <Enter> or <Esc> to end the command.

The process of specifying which objects you want to edit is called building a selection set.

It is possible to preselect the objects you want to modify. If any objects are selected prior to starting a command, AutoCAD will use these objects as the selection set and will skip the Select objects: prompt.

When you started the MOVE command, AutoCAD needed to know which objects you wanted to move. The Select objects: prompt repeated until you pressed <Enter>, telling AutoCAD you had finished selecting objects. Once you finished selecting objects, AutoCAD then went on to complete the command. It asked you to specify where you wanted to move the objects from (the base point) and where you wanted to drag the objects to (the second point).

Notice that even though you didn’t select the dimension, it moved as well. This is because of the associativity of the dimension with the circle.

Now, let’s look at selecting the objects you want to modify first and then selecting the modify command.

Notice that AutoCAD did not prompt you to select objects. Because you selected the objects before you started the command, AutoCAD assumed that those were the objects you wanted to erase. AutoCAD doesn’t care whether you select the objects before or after you start the command. If no objects are selected, AutoCAD will simply ask you to select them before it continues with the command.

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