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Introduction to Advanced Editing Techniques

A few of the advanced editing techniques are indispensable in AutoCAD. In fact, these commands and techniques are used extensively when creating AutoCAD drawings, which may seem counterintuitive. Using CAD, it is not uncommon to create a drawing by drawing more than you need and then editing and refining information to make the final product. This section introduces you to a few of these techniques.

Making Parallel Copies

Sometimes it is necessary to make an exact copy of a line or circle that is a specific distance from the original. This is referred to as an offset in AutoCAD. It is possible to offset a specific distance or even through a point that you specify while maintaining a copy of the original object. It is even possible to make multiple copies.

Fixing Overlapping Lines and Closing Gaps

Often it is necessary to “clean up” lines that overlap and/or do not meet exactly so that there is a gap. Remember that the key to using AutoCAD effectively is to draw everything as precisely as possible. There is no room for even the tiniest overlap or gap. These small errors can propagate larger errors when dimensions are added or parts are mated together. AutoCAD provides a number of methods for cleaning up your drawings quickly.

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