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Chapter Test Questions

Multiple Choice

Circle the correct answer.

1. Model space is:

a. Only for three-dimensional objects

b. Limited in size so you must scale your model appropriately

c. Generally used to draw objects that exist in the real world

d. Generally used to draw objects that exist only on paper

2. In the following command line prompt, what would you type to use the Ttr option? Specify center point for circle or [3P 2P Ttr (tan tan radius)]:

a. 3P<Enter>

b. (tan tan radius)<Enter>

c. 2P<Enter>

d. T<Enter>

3. Which of the following settings does not allow you to control point specifications?

a. Grid

b. Snap

c. Ortho

d. Polar

4. The command line:

a. Cannot be moved

b. Can be turned off

c. Is the only way to communicate with AutoCAD

d. Cannot be docked

5. Scrolling the wheel of a wheel mouse will:

a. Scroll the text in the command line

b. Do nothing

c. Pan the drawing up and down

d. Zoom the drawing in and out

6. Which of the following is not a property common to all objects?

a. Length

b. Layer

c. Color

d. Lineweight

7. Dimensions:

a. Can be placed only in model space

b. Can be placed only in paper space

c. Must be erased and redrawn if the model changes

d. Are controlled by their associated dimension style

8. Grips appear:

a. At key points on drawing objects

b. On a separate layer

c. Every time you click on the screen

d. Only in model space

9. A page setup:

a. Is the same thing as a paper space layout

b. Can be defined only in a drawing template

c. Is a collection of plot settings

d. Must have the same name as a paper space layout

10. The dashed line that appears around the edge of a layout:

a. Can be erased if needed

b. Is on its own layer and can be turned off if desired

c. Shows a visual indication of the area that will be printed

d. Shows up on the printed drawing


Write the number of the correct answer on the line.

a. Drawing template ______

1. The process of moving around the drawing by shifting the display

b. Objects ______

2. The settings that control how and where a drawing object is shown in the drawing

c. Dimension style ______

3. A link between drawing objects and dimension objects

d. Page setup ______

4. The process of specifying the objects you wish to edit

e. Grips ______

5. A collection of plot settings that are applied to a drawing layout

f. Object snaps ______

6. A drawing file used as a starting point when creating new drawings

g. Object properties ______

7. Editing points that appear at key locations on drawing objects when they are selected

h. Panning ______

8. Graphical drawing elements, such as lines, arcs, circles, polylines, and text

i. Associativity ______

9. Geometric points on objects such as the endpoints or midpoint of a line or the center of an arc or circle

j. Building a selection set ______

10. A collection of dimension settings that control how dimension objects act and are displayed

True or False

Circle the correct answer.

1. True or False: There is only one layout allowed in a drawing file.

2. True or False: A layout can have only one viewport.

3. True or False: There is only one model space allowed in a drawing file.

4. True or False: Polar tracking can be set to detect any angle.

5. True or False: You can only use the REDO command immediately after using the UNDO command.

6. True or False: Objects on a layer that is frozen can be seen but not modified.

7. True or False: Objects on a layer that is turned off can still be modified.

8. True or False: To move an object, you must always select the object first and then start the MOVE command.

9. True or False: You can override page setup settings when you plot.

10. True or False: Dimensions can update to follow changes to your geometry.

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