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Detail Views

Detail views are used to enlarge portions of an existing drawing. The enlargements are usually made of areas that could be confusing because of many crossing or hidden lines.

  • detail view

  • An enlarged view of a portion of a model.

Exercise 4-8 Creating a Detail View

  • 01.jpg Click the Detail View tool on the Create panel under the Place Views tab, then click the view to be enlarged.

    In this example, the top view was selected.

    The Detail View dialog box will appear. See Figure 4-46.

  • 02.jpg Set the Label letter to D and the Scale to 2:1, then pick a point on the view.

  • 03.jpg Move the cursor, creating a circle.

    The circle will be used to define the area of the detail view.

  • 04.jpg When the circle is of an appropriate diameter, click the left mouse button and move the cursor away from the view.

  • 05.jpg Locate the detail view and click the location.

  • 06.jpg Use the Center Mark tool to add a center mark to the circle in the Detail drawing.

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