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Create and Prepare a Project

  1. . Launch Premiere and start a new project.

  2. By default, a Load Project Settings dialog box appears when you launch Premiere (see page 23 of Premiere 6.5: VQS). Because this example is designed for a DV project, we'll choose DV-NTSC Real-time Preview from the list of available presets (see page 25 of Premiere 6.5: VQS) (Figure 1). A new project opens. Make sure to save the project periodically.

  3. Add a video track.

  4. In the Timeline window's fly-out menu, choose Add Video Track (Figure 2). Video track 3 appears. You'll need it later.

  5. Import a background clip.

  6. Double-click an empty part of the clip panel of the Project window to open an Import dialog box (Figure 3) (see pages 45-47 of Premiere 6.5: VQS). Any DV clip can act as a background for the title. If you don't have one, navigate through the folders Premiere 6.5 > Presets > Textures, and choose a still, such as "Blue Sky Title Bkgd."

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