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Create the Title

  1. Open the Adobe Title Designer.

  2. In the Project window, click the Create Item button (Figure 4). In the Create dialog box, choose Title from the pulldown menu and click OK (Figure 5). Premiere's new feature, the Adobe Title Designer window, opens (Figure 6) (see page 316 of Premiere 6.5: VQS).

  3. Create a title.

  4. The new Adobe Title Designer does everything the old title tool did and much more. But for this exercise, we'll just create a simple text title. Select the Horizontal Type tool (Figure 7), Click in the drawing area to set the blinking insertion point cursor, then type the text (Figure 8) (see page 323 of Premiere 6.5: VQS). When you choose the Selection tool, the text will appear selected.

  5. Set the font.

  6. You can choose a font in several ways. But for this example, we'll take advantage of a new feature, the Font Browser. Choose Title > Browse to open the Font Browser (Figure 9). It not only shows you what fonts look like, but it also changes the selected text to match the font you click (Figure 10) (see page 330 of Premiere 6.5: VQS). Choose a heavy font that will show off the shine effect and click OK.

  7. Set the font size.

  8. In the Object Style area of the Adobe Title Designer, you can set various attributes of a selected object. Note that you can adjust many attribute values by using what Adobe calls scrubbable hot text (see pages 321-322 of Premiere 6.5: VQS). Drag the Font Size value left to decrease the size of the selected text; drag right to increase it (Figure 11). For this exercise, make the text large.

  9. Set the font color.

  10. In the Object Style area, click the disclosure triangle next to Fill to expand that attribute, and view the parameters it contains. For Color, click the color swatch to open a color picker, then choose white (see page 345 of Premiere 6.5: VQS). As a matte, the title needs to be white for the effect to work. Don't worry: later, we'll fill it with the color and shine you want. Also, make sure the Shadow attribute is unchecked (Figure 12). I've also adjusted the leading and kerning options.

  11. Position the text.

  12. Select the text and right-click (2-button mouse) or Control-click (Mac) to open a contextual menu. Choose Type Alignment > Center to center the text within its bounding box (see Page 329 of Premiere 6.5: VQS). Choose Position > Horizontal Center, then Position > Vertical Center to center the text in the drawing area (Figure 13). These commands are also in the Title menu in the menu bar (see page 358 of Premiere 6.5: VQS).

  13. Save the title and close the title window.

  14. Premiere automatically adds the title to the current project.

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