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Create the Shine

  1. Open the Title Designer again.

  2. In the Project window, click the Create Item button. In the Create dialog box, choose Title from the pulldown menu and click OK. The Adobe Title Designer window opens.

  3. Create a "shine title" to act as a fill for the title you created earlier.

  4. Select the Rectangle shape tool (Figure 14). Drag from one corner of the drawing area to the opposite corner. This should fill the drawing area with a solid rectangle (Figure 15) (see page 336 of Premiere 6.5: VQS).

  5. Set the rectangle's fill color.

  6. In the Object Style area, make sure the Fill attribute is checked and expanded. Set Fill Type to Solid, and set Color to the color you'd like for the text (created in the previous section) (Figure 16) (see page 345 of Premiere 6.5: VQS).

  7. Add a sheen to the rectangle.

  8. Under Fill, check and expand the Sheen attribute. Set the Sheen's attributes as follows: Color=white; Opacity=100%; Size=31; Angle=50; Offset=0 (Figure 17). A sheen, or white highlight, appears on the rectangle (Figure 18) (see page 348 of Premiere 6.5: VQS).

  9. Save the shine title and close the Adobe Title Designer.

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