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Animate the Shine

  1. Apply a motion setting to the sheen clip.

  2. Select the sheen title in the timeline and press Ctrl-Y (Windows) or Cmd-Y (Mac) to open the Motion Settings dialog box. We'll use the default motion setting, which moves the clip from offscreen left to offscreen right (Figure 24) (see pages 394-397 of Premiere 6.5: VQS).

  3. Set the Fill color of the motion setting.

  4. Find the Fill Color area at the bottom left of the Motion Settings dialog box. Position the pointer in the Fill Color's sample frame so that it becomes an eyedropper icon. Click to sample the color from the title clip (Figure 25) (see page 413 of Premiere 6.5: VQS).

    Click OK to set the motion setting.

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