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iPhoto: Organize and Share Your Digital Photos

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The iMac is designed to be the center (the hub) of your digital lifestyle. If you think you don’t have a digital lifestyle, think again. You have an iMac, and that means you can be productive and work digitally with programs like AppleWorks, Mail, Address Book, and Quicken. Even better, you can have fun and be creative with art, photography, music, and video. Your iMac provides you with all the software you need to get started with a digital lifestyle that’s exciting and inspiring.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

iPhoto is an application made exclusively for Mac OS X. It makes managing your digital photo collections both easy and fun. You can effortlessly import photos straight from most digital cameras, as well as from other sources, such as a digital card reader, CD, Zip disk, or from a location on your iMac's hard disk. Use iPhoto to organize and edit your photos, then share them with friends, relatives, or business associates in a number of different ways.

Even if you don't own a digital camera, you can send your exposed film to companies that offers digital film services. These companies can process your film and put your photos on a CD or post them on the web for you to download. Visit or to see what services are available.

For a list of compatible cameras, printers, and digital card readers, see the iPhoto web site ( If your digital device is not listed as compatible, there is still a chance that it may work—try it before you buy a new one.

And if you want still more details on iPhoto, pick up Adam Engst's great book, iPhoto for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide.

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