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Creating a Web Dither Fill

In addition to a solid color fill, Fireworks offers a Web dither fill. This allows you to choose two colors that are combined together in a checker-board pattern (also called a dither) to simulate a third color. This gives you more control over the number of colors in your document. (For a color print-out of a Web dither fill, see the color pages.)

To apply the Web Dither Fill setting:

  1. Choose one of the vector drawing tools or select a vector object. The Property Inspector displays the Fill options.

  2. Choose Web Dither from the Fill category menu .

    Figure 10 Choose Web Dither from the Fill category menu.

  3. Click the Fill Color Well in the Property Inspector. This displays the controls for Web dither fills .

    Figure 11 Click the Color Well in the Property Inspector to open the Web Dither controls.

  4. Use one of the Color Wells to set the first of the two dithered colors.

  5. Use the other Color Well to set the second of the two dithered colors. The Dither preview shows how the combination of the two colors will look.

  6. Select Transparent to set one of the colors as transparent. This lets any objects behind the color show through the fill.

    The Benefits of a Web Dither Fill

    One of the benefits of the Web dither fill is that you can limit the number of colors in your document. This keeps the file size down, but still has areas that simulate the look of other colors.

    For instance, if you use only four colors — black, white, red, and blue — the Web dither fill lets you combine them into others. The black and white combine together to create gray; the white and red create pink; the black and red create dark red; the black and blue create dark blue; and the red and blue create purple.

    So, although the final GIF image uses only four colors, you can design your page with nine different colors.

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