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Previewing the transition

Two preview options are useful when working with transitions: previewing at the intended frame rate and render-scrubbing in the Timeline.

Previewing the transition at the intended frame rate

To preview transitions (and other effects) at the intended frame rate, you use Real-Time Preview (Windows) or Preview To Screen (Mac OS); or generate a preview file. Premiere then plays this file in the Program view in the Monitor window.

Previewing in Real-Time

Adobe Premiere 6.5 offers Real-Time previewing of transitions, transparencies, titles, and other effects, if your system is powerful enough. To preview in Real-Time, without rendering preview files, requires 500 MHz PIII for Windows and 300 MHz Power PC processor for Mac OS. Mac OS systems must be running at least OS 9.2.2 or OS 10.1.3.

  1. To set Real-Time Previewing, choose Project > Project Settings > Keyframe and Rendering.

  2. Select Real-Time Preview (Windows) or To Screen (Mac OS) and click OK.

  3. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) and playback begins at the edit line.


If Real-Time Preview is not enabled in the Project Settings dialog box press Shift + Enter.

Using render-scrub to preview the transition

Although render-scrubbing in the Timeline ruler displays the transition effect, this preview method cannot show it precisely. Before you generate a preview in this way, however, you need to set the work area bar to specify the portion of your project that you want to preview.

  1. In the Timeline window, drag the arrows at the left and right ends of the yellow work area bar to cover an area slightly larger than the transition between the and clips.

    Figure 8

  2. Hold down the Alt key (Windows) or the Option key (Mac OS) as you drag the pointer in the Timeline ruler to move the edit line across the transition. Note that the pointer has changed into a smaller arrow, indicating that you are previewing effects. The preview plays in the Program view in the Monitor window. The motion is not smooth or precise because you are moving through the transition manually.

    Figure 9


    If you scrub without using the Alt (Windows) or Option key (Mac OS), you will not see any transitions or effects that have been applied, but an "x" will appear in the Program view to indicate the location of an effect.

  3. Save the project.

    Alternatively, depending on the capabilities of your system, do one of the following:

    • Choose Timeline > Preview, or press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) on the keyboard to build, render, and play a preview file.

      As Premiere generates the preview file, the Building Preview dialog box displays the status. When completed, the preview plays in the Program view in the Monitor window. You can replay this preview by pressing Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS).

    • Invoke Real-Time Preview as described in the previous section.


      Preview to RAM is no longer an option in Premiere 6.5. For more information, see "Using Real-Time Preview," in Chapter 2 of the Adobe Premiere 6.5 User Guide Supplement.

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