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Deleting Tracks

At times, you may want to get rid of a single track in a movie while retaining the remaining tracks.

To delete a track:

  1. With the movie open, from the Edit menu, choose Delete Tracks (Figure 7.9).

    Figure 7.9 Figure 7.9 From the Edit menu, choose Delete Tracks.

  2. In the Delete Tracks dialog, select the track you want to delete, and click the Delete button (Figure 7.10).

    Figure 7.10 Figure 7.10 Select the track or tracks you want to remove, and click Delete.

If the track you selected was a visible visual track, you will notice that it has disappeared. If the track was the sole audio track in the movie, the equalizer display in the LCD will have disappeared. (This assumes that the equalizer display was previously visible; if a movie has a chapter list, no equalizer display would have been visible.) When you play the movie, the deleted track no longer plays.


  • Double-clicking a track name in the Delete Tracks dialog accomplishes the same thing as selecting the track and clicking the Delete button.

  • Deleted data remains in the movie until you save it as a self-contained file—even though you can't access that data and there's no way to get it back.

  • You can select more than one track in the Delete Tracks dialog. By holding down the Shift key, you can make a contiguous selection; by holding down the Command key (Mac OS) or Ctrl key (Windows), you can make a noncontiguous selection.

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