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Designating a Set of Alternate Tracks

When you have a set of tracks, only one of which you want to play at a time, you can specify the set as an alternate track group. For movies being played back in QuickTime Player, this technique is useful only if the tracks in the group are also assigned languages (as described in the preceding section). Other tools can use alternate tracks for other purposes, however.

To designate tracks as alternates for each other:

  1. In the Properties window, open the Alternate panel for one of the tracks you want to designate as belonging to a group of tracks that will be alternates for each other. (This may already be open if you were just doing the tasks on the preceding page.)

  2. Click the bottom Set button (Figure 7.21).

    Figure 7.21 Figure 7.21 In the Alternate panel of the Properties window, click the bottom Set button.

  3. In the Set Track Alternate dialog, select the track you want to designate as an alternate for the track selected in the Properties window, and click OK (Figure 7.22).

    Figure 7.22 Figure 7.22 Select the track you want to designate as an alternate.

    The track you selected is listed as the alternate in the Properties window (Figure 7.23).

    Figure 7.23 Figure 7.23 The track you selected is listed as an alternate...

    If you use the left pop-up menu in the Properties window to switch to the track you selected, you'll see that the other track is already designated as its alternate (Figure 7.24). The two tracks are now an alternate track group.

    Figure 7.24 Figure 7.24 ...and if you switch to the track listed as alternate, you will see that it has been assigned the first track as its alternate.

  4. If you want to include more than two tracks in the alternate track group, choose an additional track from the left pop-up menu and repeat step 3, assigning any of the tracks already in the alternate track group as an alternate for the new track. You can continue adding tracks to the group in this manner.

  5. Note that in the Alternate panel of the Properties window, only one of the alternates is listed, even though a track may have multiple alternates.

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