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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Changing and Copying Transitions

Avid makes it easy to apply transitions to a group of selected clips in the Timeline at one time. FCP does not have this option. But once a transition has been placed in the FCP Timeline, there are several ways to swap it for a different transition, copy it, or move it to another transition point.

Figure 14  Avid dissolves.

Swapping Transitions

Swapping the selected transition for a different one will replace the previous transition type but maintain the duration and alignment properties.

To swap transitions:

  1. Park the playhead over the transition.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Effects > Video Transitions and the transition you want.

    • Select the Effects tab in the Browser and choose a different transition from the Video Transitions bin. Drag and drop the new transition on top of the current one.

    Figure 15 Dragging the new Diamond Iris transition over the current Cross Dissolve.

    Figure 16 The Diamond Iris wipe replaced the previous Cross Dissolve transition.


    Real-time transitions appear in bold.

Moving and Copying Transitions

You will be able to move or copy a transition only if there is enough material (or handles) between the two new clips to create a transition.

To move a transition:

  • Drag the transition to another transition point.

To copy a transition:

  • Hold down the OPTION key while you drag the transition to another transition point, or copy and paste it using CMD+C and CMD+V.

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