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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Applying Clip Effects

What Avid calls clip effects FCP calls video filters. Filters are found on the Effects menu or on the Browser's Effects tab. FCP has a wide variety of video filters, but only one icon that represents them all. In FCP, you can apply a filter to a single clip, a group of clips, or a range of clips or material in the sequence.

Figure 17 Avid effect applied to a clip.

Figure 18 FCP generic Effects icon.

Working with Filters

Filters can be applied to different target media.

Timeline Clip

You can apply filters to a clip in the Timeline. In this case, that single use of the clip is all that is affected.

Browser Clip

You can apply filters to a clip in the Browser (project). Do this only if you want future uses of this clip to have that filter or group of filters.

Figure 19 FCP video filter options.


You can apply a filter or group of filters to an entire sequence. Drag the sequence icon from the Browser to the Viewer. The sequence will open in the Viewer as a source clip, and you can apply filters to it there.

To apply a filter:

Do one of the following:

  • Drag the filter icon from the Video Filters bin (on the Effects tab) in the Browser. Drop it on the desired clip or group.

  • For a single clip, drop the filter on the clip in the Timeline.

  • For a group of clips, select adjacent (SHIFT+click) or nonadjacent clips (CMD+click) and drop the filter.

  • For a range of clips, select a range of the sequence using the Range tool (GGG) and drop the filter.

  • With a clip or clips selected, choose Effects > Video Filters and select a filter.

  • Double-click a clip in the Browser to open it in the Viewer. Drag and drop a filter from the Effects tab directly onto the image in the Viewer. You can also select a filter from the Effects menu while in the Viewer.

To apply multiple filters at one time:

  • CMD+click the filters you want to apply, and drag them to a clip.

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