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Fireworks Basics

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Installing and Launching Fireworks

When you have confirmed that your system meets the minimum requirements for running Fireworks, you can then install the application and begin to use it.


Disable any virus-protection software before installing the software.

To install Fireworks (Mac):

  1. Insert the Fireworks CD-ROM in the CD- drive.

  2. Double-click the Fireworks Installer 1.

    Figure 11 The Fireworks Installers for the Macintosh.

  3. Follow the instructions that appear.

  4. After installation, restart the Macintosh.

To install Fireworks (Win):

  1. Insert the Fireworks CD-ROM in the CD drive. If the installation program starts automatically, skip to step 5.

  2. If the installation program does not automatically start, choose Start>Run.

  3. Click Browse, and choose the Setup.exe file on the Fireworks CD. The Run dialog box appears.

  4. Click OK in the Run dialog box.

  5. Follow the onscreen instructions in the Fireworks Installation dialog box 2.

    Figure 22 The Windows Fireworks MX Installation dialog box takes you through the installation steps.

  6. If prompted, restart the computer.

Once you have installed Fireworks, you can then launch the application.

To launch Fireworks (Mac):

  • Open the folder that contains the Fireworks application and then double-click the application icon 3.

    Figure 33 The Fireworks application icon.

To launch Fireworks (Win):

  • Choose Start > Programs > Macromedia Fireworks 4.

    Figure 44 The Fireworks MX application in the Windows Start menu.

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