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The Inspiration of Others

One of the easiest ways to expand your (X)HTML fluency is by looking at your how other pages. view and graphics, files may use other designers' pages for inspiration with your (X)HTML, and then create your own contents.

To view other designers' (X)HTML code:

  1. Open a Web page with any browser.

  2. Choose View > Source in Opera or Internet Explorer, or View > Page Source in Netscape (Figure 2.25). The (X)HTML code will be displayed (Figure 2.27).

    Figure 25Figure 2.25 All browsers have a menu command that lets you view a page's (X)HTML code. The name varies from Page Source (in Netscape, shown) to View Source, to just Source.

    Figure 26Figure 2.26 Most browsers will also let you right-click (click and hold on a Mac) and choose the Source command (however it's called) from the pop-up menu that appears.

    Figure 27Figure 2.27 Some browsers display the code in the specified text editor. Others, like Netscape, let you choose between the default window right inside the browser or your preferred text editor.

  3. If desired, save the file for further study.


  • You can also save the source code by selecting File > Save As and then HTML Source in the Format pop-up menu in the dialog box that appears.

  • Most browsers also let you right-click (or click and hold on a Mac) and then choose a source command (of varying wording) from the pop-up menu (Figure 2.26). This is also a good way to look at the code for a frame (which you'll learn about in Chapter 15, Frames).

  • Although there are JavaScript scripts that can make it more difficult (for Windows folks, but not for Mac users), there's no real way to keep people from looking at a Web page's source code. Instead, you might want to add a copyright notice, encourage people to link instead of stealing, and do periodical searches of key phrases in your documents.

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