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Font Size Differences Between Macs & PCs

No, you are not nuts. If you have both a Mac and a PC, you might notice that standard default fonts look different on the two platforms. Fonts display larger on PCs than they do on Macs.

It looks as if Explorer, as of version 5, has dealt web design a new twist: Fonts will default to the same larger size regardless of whether they are on Mac or PC. This is not the case with Netscape, however, so there's still a discrepancy. The way around this is to use style sheets that are set to pixels. You will learn how to create such a style sheet in Chapter 23, "Cascading Style Sheets."

Figure 2.61Figure 2.61 Internet Explorer 5 on Windows.

Figure 2.62Figure 2.62 Internet Explorer 5 on Mac.

Figure 2.63Figure 2.63 Netscape 4 on Windows.

Figure 2.64Figure 2.64 Netscape 4 on Mac.

Note: On Internet Explorer the font size is the same regardless of whether viewed on Mac or PC. On the Mac, however, there is a discrepancy between Netscape and Explorer.

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